Workshop: Dare To Be. Texel, November 2018.

This had been on my bucket list for a long time: a multi-day wedding photography workshop.

And just let 2 top photographers where I have been on a workshop before join forces and provide such a workshop 🙂

A midweek only photography, together with 12 colleagues. How cool! Of course things had to be arranged before it could happen.

Then it is Monday 5 November and around 9 o'clock I get into the car on my way to Texel. On the way I pick up a colleague. What is nice to mention is, that we all (almost) don't know each other and the only contact has been through a FB-group and/or a Whatsapp-group.

With 16 people, mostly strangers, 5 days in a mega villa. How will that go? A question that has haunted my mind several times of course. After the stop at a carpool place I continue the journey north. Just before Den Helder we pick up a 2nd colleague, we are passing by anyway 🙂

Once on the boat it doesn't take long before we meet up with most of them. First feeling: Great group.

Eventually we arrive at our destination on Texel, where the whole group meets each other completely for the first time. What a great atmosphere! That is the first thought. We go to our villa and everyone unloads his stuff from the car. What a lot of equipment together! Before we know it we're sitting together and we're already busy with the workshop.

What follows are 3 long days of learning, discovering, trying, failing, making each other stronger, sharing stories and making beautiful pictures. Also things like marketing, business etc. will be discussed. They are intensive, but valuable days. If we are late in the evening " lessons " follows of course the 3rd half. Man, what did we laugh 🙂

I look back on a successful week. A week where new friends were made, and which I will think back of with pleasure for a long time.

Arno & Sander; Thanks for all the wise lessons, the look into your kitchen and beautiful (and sometimes touching) stories! A BIG THUMBS UP!

Fellow students; Thank you for sharing your passion, the wise lessons, the feedback but above all the fun and laughter. You are all great!

Bridal couple Chantal & Patrick; Thank you for your patience, time and feedback. But most of all: your camaraderie! I wish you all the best for the future.

Also, a little shootout to CameraTools and Magmod for sponsoring our teachers.

Below a selection of my photos, all made under the supervision and direction of Arno van Wedding Day in Pictures and Sander from Flexmi Photography

Rob Weijers Photography
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