Lockdown? Stand up! Part 2...

Last Friday I went on the road for another day for this rewarding project. The week before I was only in Venlo, but now the journey went a bit further. Grefrath and Baarlo were part of the route.

Where the 1st series was all about "switching", last Friday the word "investing" was frequently mentioned. Investing in knowledge of children, investing in beautiful products for your business that are now literally staying on the shelf, investing in self-confidence to make your business even better known or investing in equipment to be able to handle the large demand for your service.

To do, not to do? Or maybe the investments have already been made and the question arises; what now? Each of these are difficult considerations that have caused many sleepless nights.

One thing I noticed again on Friday: Everyone stands up for his or her tent and goes for it full 100%. With or without support from the government, for example. The resilience, drive and motivation to see the positive side of this situation and to get out of it is unprecedented.

Once again, I look back on a wonderful day. Full of inspiring conversations and beautiful companies.
I want to thank everyone for the hospitality and the conversations. I sincerely hope that everything will work out soon and you can get back to doing what you love.
Hang in there, stay healthy and hopefully see you soon, in better times.

Last Friday, I got to visit:

SBO De Lings

Endless Mode

Wendy's salon

Wings to Fly

't Kallebeske (home studio)

Square Hairdressers (Blerick salon)

Sur Meuse




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