What do you do when you have a great milestone to celebrate but the whole family lives far apart?

Right! Then you plan a weekend when everyone is available and book a big cottage at a nice park in North Limburg.
With the current situation quite a challenge, but if it can be done, it can be done 🙂
And while you're all together, book those family shoot which has been talked about for years.

That's exactly what this family did last summer. After the appointment was final, we chose a beautiful location. Here each "group" came on their own. One came directly by car via the normal route, another with a detour on the bike and another 2 came walking. They were eventually picked up somewhere because otherwise they probably wouldn't have reached their destination yet 🙂

Finally when everyone was at the agreed location the whole family was captured on film. Partly because of the pictures this has become an unforgettable weekend. But the travel stories also contribute I think 🙂


Rob Weijers Photography
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