So just before the end of the year, and what a year but more on that later, another shoot from the fall.

This family also spent a weekend in the region because of a beautiful milestone.
And of course, when you are all together, this is a good time to take pictures.

Many clients look for a time in the spring/summer to take photos. But look at autumn! This is a beautiful season. The colors of nature are unique, super beautiful. Often I hear; " Yes, but then we have to take a picture with the coat" No! That is not necessary 🙂 You can put it on in between and take it off again quickly at the moment of taking the photo. And on the other hand, if everything fits together nicely you can also take a picture with the coat. Nothing wrong with that 🙂

After a shoot, I always ask if anyone would like to leave a review on Google and/or Facebook.
It is then always nice and read back how everything was experienced.
This customer wrote the following;

"Recently had a family shoot done by Rob, we were on vacation in Limburg and made our choice of this photographer based on the photos visible on his website. We are very satisfied, what beautiful pictures we received. Also the contact from a distance went without any problems, Rob picked a nice location.
Definitely recommended if you are on holiday in Limburg and want to have beautiful family photos taken."

So, are you also in the Venlo region on vacation soon and in need of new family photos? Then please contact me to make an appointment.

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