What started out as a "normal" family shoot turned out a little different.
But that this shoot was going to be different only Jim and I knew.

There had been extensive contact well before the shoot about the plans he had and how we could incorporate them into the shoot.
On the day that St. Nicholas arrived back in the country it was time. The weather was exciting but in the end it cleared up reasonably well.
Once at the appointed location, the most difficult thing of course was to pretend that this was "first contact". Did Vera know a lot... 🙂

The shoot started normally and slowly I worked towards the agreed moment. At that moment it is always exciting whether it turns out as you hope.
But of course the most important thing is the answer to THE question, and that was a resounding YES!

Jim & Vera, I wish you and the girls all the happiness and in the meantime have fun organizing your big day.
Jim, thanks for this fun assignment and the confidence to work this out together.

Are you also walking with the thought of asking your beloved to marry you? Then feel free to contact with me to see how this can be fixed.

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