Basic Photography Workshop
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Basic photography workshop

(Theory 1-on-1)

Basic Photography Workshop. Are you about to buy a (new) camera? Do you have one but you can't get out and won't make it? I'm going to help you! Take control of your camera and take that one picture. I'm going to help you in the beautiful world of photography. By attending various workshops and courses I know exactly where the need lies for someone who is just starting to take pictures. I have converted this knowledge into a basic photography workshop.

What am I gonna teach you?

  • Many terms you will come across and what they do and mean, such as aperture, ISO and DOF.
  • The technique behind a photo. (Over/underexposure, reading histogram, etc...).
  • What your camera can do and how to get the most out of it
  • And much more....


In my studio in Blerick


In about 4 hours we will walk through the theory and in between we will put into practice what we have learned (walk-out is of course possible) Bring your camera! Then you can practice with your own camera.
There is also plenty of time to respond to questions.


€225,- p.p.

The course will take place at a time to be determined (together). Step into the world called photography! I'll help you get started. Interested? Fill in your details below and reserve your spot.
(After the reservation you will receive the invoice. Your place is not final until the invoice has been paid)

Also bookable as a group.
Or would you rather work on location with your department? Ask for the possibilities.




Basic photography workshop

(Practice 1-on-1)

Would you like to know more about composition, light metering, focusing or playing with foreground and background in your photo?

Then let's go out together and deal with these, and other issues in practice.

In a natural environment we will work together on your photographic knowledge.

You have:

  • Some basic knowledge of photography. The terms of e.g. the exposure triangle don't sound unfamiliar to you.
  • An SLR, system or compact camera which you can basically operate well
  • problems you run into and can't solve yourself


In a natural environment in Blerick


In about 2 hours we'll be on the road together in a question & answer setting to tackle those points you run into, and what you need. If you have followed the basic theory course with me, this practical session is a good fit.

There are no fixed dates, together we look for a suitable moment.

I give this course 1-on-1 to get the most out of it.

If you want to follow this course together with a friend / girlfriend / son / daughter / father / mother or e.g. a colleague, this is of course possible. Giving a gift to someone else is of course also possible! Then order a gift voucher...


€149.95 p.p.

Book theory and practice together for €350

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