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Acrylic Photo Block

Your most beautiful photo on a 2.5 cm thick acrylic block.

  • Acrylic thickness 2.5 cm
  • In various sizes such as 10×15, 13×18 and 20×30 cm
  • Black or grey back
  • Photo stays razor sharp behind the acrylic
  • A true eye-catcher on any shelf or cabinet
  • Want to order? Send a message

Price from : € 44.95 (10×15 cm)


AluDibond round 3mm thick

Beautiful round panel of aluminum Dibond. Ideal for portrait photos

  • Panel thickness 3 mm
  • In cross sections 29, 40, 49, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 cm
  • Suspension system fixed at rear
  • Photo printed directly on the aluminium
  • A true eye-catcher on the wall
  • Want to order? Send a message

Price from : € 59.95 (29 cm)


AluPlex Galleryprint

Aluplex dibond fitted with a Plexiglas front

  • Thickness of aluminium panel 3 mm
  • In various sizes such as 20×30 and 30×40 cm
  • Suspension system fixed at rear. Also available with aluminium frame.
  • Panel hangs "loose" from the wall. Both at the standard suspension and at the frame.
  • Photo printed on high quality photo paper. Shielded with a 4mm acrylic glass plate
  • A true eye-catcher on the wall
  • Want to order? Send a message

Price from : € 49.95 (20×30 cm)


Canvas canvas

Your most beautiful photo on a canvas with a wooden frame.

  • Thickness frame 2 cm
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Available in matt or glossy canvas
  • A true eye-catcher on the wall
  • Want to order? Send a message

Price from : € 39,- (20×30 cm)


Mini album

Small photo album of 10×15 or 15×20 cm. Equipped with linen cover of which you can choose the colour yourself.

This album can be ordered separately with each shoot through the online photo album

  • Format: 10×15 cm (€39,95) or 15×20 cm (€59,95) 
  • Finishing: Linen cover. Color to choose.
  • Number of pages: 12
  • Lay Flat Album
  • Choice of paper types
  • No possibility of text on the front. Back provided with logo Rob Weijers Photography

Price from €49.95


Photo collage

Space for 10 photos per collage. Choice of 2 types with a background colour of white or black

  • Size: 20×30 (€19,95) or 30×45 (€24,95)
  • Choice of 2 types
  • Number of photos per collage: 10
  • Background white or black
  • Glossy or matt printed
  • To be ordered with every photo shoot through the webshop in the online gallery

Price from € 19,95


Luxury photo album

Very nice, luxury photo album for a wedding reportage.
The standard album has a linen cover. 

Furthermore, this album can be composed as desired. See the specifications for more details. 



*The specs below are for the standard album. Other options are certainly possible at an additional cost.

  • Size: 20×20 cm (closed) 20×40 cm (open)
  • Number of pages: 30
  • Lay-Flat. When the album is open the pages lie flat.
  • Standard cover: linen
  • Leather or imitation leather at extra cost
  • Possibility of text on the cover
  • Choice of matte, extra matte or glossy paper
  • More possibilities on request (other formats also possible)

Price from: € 159 


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