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Pack/Product photography

You can also turn to Rob Weijers Photography for photographing products.
Think of photos for your webshop, leaflet and/or flyer or other printed matter.
The applications are endless, as are the possibilities.
I divide product photography into 2 categories:

  • Pack Photography
  • Product Photography

Pack photography is used in most cases for small to medium sized objects. Examples include jewelry, makeup products, bags and shoes.
These photos are often used on sales sites and in brochures. The objects stand out well here and you can even choose to photograph the objects from different sides.

With product photography you should think of the larger objects such as furniture, bicycles or large parts of eg cars. Often these objects are photographed in different circumstances in terms of setting and light. These objects are also more laborious to photograph.

Can I help you photograph "Products", please take contact for the possibilities. These projects are customized and for this I will make an appropriate proposal.
Products can be mailed to the studio or dropped off.
To discuss the wishes and possibilities, make a no-obligation appointment.

With pack photography I work with fixed standard prices that can be expanded according to the wishes and the final purpose.

With a pack photo, this standard editing is included:
- White background
- Colors true to life
- 1 size cutout of your choice
- File type .JPG ; .PNG ; .TIFF
- Photo is not "detached" from the background

Rates for Pack Photography:

Less than 5 photos:      €17.95 per photo
5 to 25 photos:               €8.95 per photo
26 to 50 photos:             €7.49 per photo
51 to 75 photos:             €5.95 per photo
More than 76 photos on request
These prices include standard processing and exclusive of VAT

The options below are available at extra cost.
Prices are per photo and exclusive of VAT

Make object detached :        €0.89 per photo
Adding Shadow:               €0,79 per photo
Other size cutout extra:   €0,79 per photo
Other or additional file type:  €0,49 per photo

Detailed retouching, color conversion or other extensive post-processing can be done at the hourly rate of €50,- p/hr

The most common/chosen final photo consists of:
- A square cutout
- Object aligned in the center
- Margin around the object
- sRGB color model

Objects can be sent to the studio by mail, but you can also drop them off yourself.

All prices are exclusive of any shipping costs for the return shipment.

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