I recently announced it briefly on my Facebook page.

Some things are going to change this summer. In this blog I tell you what to expect in the coming weeks.
Changes are always exciting, but I think this is the right moment. I have invested heavily in a number of things in the past period. Continuous development is an activity I believe in. Standing still is going backwards, isn't it?

This is what you can expect:

  • Scheduling. Soon it will only be possible to plan an appointment for a shoot more than 1 month ahead. So if you make contact on August 2, the shoot will take place after September 2. Why? Because every shoot deserves the same attention. This way I can make sure it stays that way. Also, I often get the request simply too late. Then I have to cram an appointment in the agenda. This is not pleasant for me. An urgent job is always possible, but in consultation and as timely as possible. And last but not least, there is still work to be done at the boss' office.
  • There's going to be a little change in my packages. Don't panic! The prices will stay the same, however the amount of photos will go down a little. The possibility to order more photos will return. There will also be an exclusive package where a mini photo album is standard. Another shoot will have a small harmonica album with 8-10 square photos. FREE Just because you can!
  • Website. There will be a new one! With even more convenience for the customer, clearer and made to meet today's requirements. Especially in terms of regulations! What a lot of work it is, that new law.....#pfff The site is currently under development....*tromgeroffel*

There are still a few things that have my attention behind the scenes, but I won't bore you with that

Furthermore I have subscribed for 2 workshops for the fall (standing still is.... *right) and soon the new dates will come online for my own Basic Photography Course.

Plenty to do. And just before the holidays.

Stay tuned

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