That was quite a performance...

A couple of weeks ago I got the question from the Enschede area. Whether I also photograph marriage proposals...
Uhh?! YES!!! Sure do...

Jorik wanted to have a Loveshoot with his great love during their stay in Limburg. Only that shoot had a "twist" get.
And what a one.

After some emailing and calling we figured out together how this could be handled.
The location was fixed: The Castle Gardens in Arcen
A beautiful setting for this "fairy tale"

On the day of the shoot I met Jorik and Marieke at the entrance of the park and we started the shoot like any other. Jorik and I had more or less agreed on a "sign" for when I had found the right spot. Once we were done that sign followed pretty quickly, and there it happened:

He got down on his knees with a beautiful ring in his hand.
The answer was a resounding YES.

When we all had recovered a bit we made a nice series of them.
Jorik & Marieke; I want to thank you again for this beautiful assignment. It was a pleasure to be present and capture this moment.

I also want the Arcen Castle Gardens thanks for cooperating and referring Jorik to me.

Did this shoot give you a cool idea, and do you want to do this too?
Feel free to contact Please contact me and together we will work out a nice plan to surprise your loved one during a great shoot.

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