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Soon we have an appointment for a photo shoot. On this page I would like to give you some tips so we can make a nice series. When you receive the link to this page our appointment is already planned. In case there is something unexpected I ask you to make this look 24 hours in advance. We can then make a new appointment if desired.

These are general tips, applicable to every photo shoot, unless otherwise stated.

  • Children do not always let themselves be directed. Let this happen, I will do everything I can to photograph these kids as naturally as possible. My experience is that promises made in advance such as: "if you smile, you'll get an ice cream when we're done...." hardly work, if at all. So I ask you not to do this. Forcing only has the opposite effect.
  • Match clothes as much as possible. There is no one piece of advice to give, but further down this page you can find some ideas that might give you a nudge  in the right direction. What matters is that if everyone wears natural shades, for example, a bright red shirt will not work.
  • Try to avoid using (face) cream and (too much) shiny make-up before the shoot. Under certain light conditions these 2 elements can cause very annoying reflections on the face which are difficult to remove.
  • The delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks. When the pictures are ready you will receive a message from me. At that moment you can make a choice from the selection of photos. Once the selection has been made and the invoice has been paid you will receive the link to the online album. If photos are needed earlier, if I would have known this before the shoot, I can take this into account where possible.
  • The photos are offered in an online Gallery. You will receive an email with the link. From here you can download the photos, share them on social media and mark them as favorites. In case of a download, the photos are on high resolution and logo-free. A photo that will be shared from the Gallery will have a watermark. You now have access to the webshop with photo prints etc.
  • Photos may NOT be cropped, edited or otherwise altered. If there are other wishes I would like to hear it so I can see what I can do for you.



  • On the day of the shoot the weather is important. If it appears well before the shoot that the weather on the day of the shoot is too bad, we plan another appointment. But it can also happen that we have to decide to reschedule on the day itself. If no alternative indoor location has been discussed beforehand we will have to cancel. Indoor locations are unfortunately scarce and in most cases not spontaneously available. I ask you to arrange this alternative yourself if desired. Depending on the number of people, moving to my studio can also be an option. Keep in mind that the end result will be different. After all, it is not an outdoor location.
  • When using an indoor location, additional costs may be charged.
  • If possible, I would ask people with glasses that colour along with them to bring other glasses. These kinds of glasses interfere with the overall picture.
  • Below are some examples of colour combinations. These are not binding but serve as inspiration.


In this BLOG NOTE I have listed some frequently asked questions.
If there are any questions after reading all this information, please let me know.

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