You're in your last year of high school.
Do your best the whole year with the ultimate goal on the horizon: Pass! And with that get your diploma and start your advanced training.
But before you know it, you have to go from exam party to exam party and to the gala of your school.
Your carefully chosen dress has been hanging in the closet for ages waiting for that one moment.

But then, Corona! Everything is different. None of this is working out the way it should; No parties and no gala.

There it is, your dress...

How cool is it then when an awesome shoot is arranged for you!
So one fine summer evening we set out. With a car!
That can only be a cool end result.


Sanne, despite everything, I would like to congratulate you on getting your diploma and I wish you good luck with your further education.
When I hear you speak passionately about what you're going to do, you should be just fine.

I hope these pictures still contribute a little bit to a nice ending of your high school.

Rob Weijers Photography
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