Each assignment, large or small, is preceded by a certain amount of preparation.
Think of the planning of a date and determining a location. There are a few choices to be made by the client.
On the page Rates all the prices are listed neatly.

After booking a Family Shoot for example, you will always receive an email with a link to a separate page on the website to confirm the assignment definitively and to make certain choices known and a link to a page with more information about for example clothing choices. On that page the most frequently asked questions are already answered.
But in order to answer these questions even before that moment, below is an overview of the most frequently asked questions.
This will be supplemented if necessary. If you still have questions after reading this page, or if something is not completely clear, feel free to send me an email or message. My data can be found at HERE find.


How far in advance should we book?
I use a minimum booking period of 4 weeks. This is because every assignment deserves equal attention. I regularly get the question on e.g. Wednesday if I am available the next week on Sunday. In most cases this is not the case because there are already assignments scheduled for quite some time. In exceptional cases I can deviate from this, but I determine this per request and situation.

What is the delivery time of the photos?
The standard delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks maximum. This is also because every order deserves the same attention and especially in the high season more orders are booked.
When the pictures are ready, you will receive an e-mail with the link to the on-line album.
If you need photos sooner for a certain occasion, please indicate this with your booking so I can take this into account (where possible).

We are with x-number of people, will there be extra costs?
No! I have a basic package and this is regardless of the number of people. This package includes 10 photos and you can order more photos via the online album.

Who makes the selection of the photos we receive?
I make a first selection. This is because I look at a number of things before I start editing a photo. I find it very important that the photos you receive are the best of the shoot. The photos that pass the selection are edited and put in the online album. From here you can choose which photos you want to purchase.

When and how should we pay?
Payment of the order is always digital. You will receive an invoice by mail and you can pay it by bank transfer. You will receive the invoice when you have made a choice from the photos. Any orders in the webshop are paid via a separate invoice.

How do we receive the photos?
The photos are placed in an on-line album. I send the link to this album to the "booker" of the assignment. He/she can share this link with the other persons. In this mail, and when you open the album for the first time, you can read exactly how it works. This album will stay on-line for 4 weeks. Before that time, the pictures need to be downloaded to your own environment. In this album you can also find the webshop from where you can order prints, albums or canvases. The webshop is still under development and will be updated continuously. Is your desired product not in the webshop? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Can you also provide photo products and prints?
Sure! Check out on this page for a small overview of the possibilities.
You can place a bet in the webshop. Here you can find many more products.

We have a shoot at an outdoor location but the weather is bad on the day, now what?
We can arrange everything as good as possible, however the weather can not. Since I work mainly on (outdoor) locations, there is a risk that we have to reschedule and/or cancel the shoot. If the weather is bad on the day of the shoot we will discuss what to do a few hours in advance. If it is already clear for quite some time that the weather will make the shoot impossible we will look for another date.
Unfortunately I do not have a (fixed) indoor location so moving from outside to inside is not possible on short notice.

We want a shoot in a nice location, do you know of any?
Definitely!!! We've been around for a few years now and the list of beautiful locations is growing by the day 🙂
But if you have a suggestion or idea of your own, be sure to propose it! Then we look together what is possible.
But don't think too hard or too big. The simplest environment at first sight lends itself for a beautiful report. Have you ever thought about your own street, the playground around the corner or the park at the end of your neighbourhood?

We're getting married and looking for a photographer. Can we come over for coffee?
Sure! We would love to! Make an appointment with us in the studio. Here we will discuss what your day will look like and what we can do for you.
I also like to show what albums can be delivered.
I find it very important that there is a good click between you as a couple and me as a photographer.
You will receive a letter with what we have discussed. You can also read which packages are available. The whole meeting is without engagement, but I would like to hear as soon as possible if I can come and capture your day or not.

Rob Weijers Photography
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