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Studio Family Photography

Are you ready for new family photos? And don't choose an outdoor location? Then the photo studio is the place to be for you.

During a photo shoot of about 30 minutes we make (new) pictures of your family. All together, the kids alone, mom and dad alone, anything is possible. I have different colors of background. You can then match your clothes to it. On the set there is room for about 4-5 people. But if there are more of you (adults) there are certainly possibilities to have your picture taken together.

The cost for the photo shoot is € 69,95
After the shoot, together you choose the photos that I may process for you.
Those photos can be downloaded from the online gallery and cost €14,95 per photo

This shoot is also applicable to maternity photos and couples in love.
Have your own idea for a shoot, inform Then ask about the possibilities.

Generation photo

Who do the children resemble the most? Like dad or still like mom?
Or are you in the fortunate circumstance of having 4 or maybe 5 generations in the family?
Have this recorded in a beautiful and modern way by means of a so-called "Generation Photo".

You come along in the studio and there I take a picture of each person separately. It is helpful if the smallest of the group can sit independently.
These photos are later merged to create a beautiful overall photo.

To achieve the best results, it is required that everyone wear a black(er) shirt, blouse or sweater.
Upon completion, the photos are delivered to the online environment. 

Also you will have access to the webshop where you can find very nice wall decorations to have the photo printed on. During the visit to the studio I will be happy to show you the examples. 
The costs for this shoot are € 119,95 and that's based on 3 people. 

More info about all the prices you can HERE find ( just scroll down )

Duo portrait

The family duo portrait is a great way to see the similarities between relatives.

Have your picture taken together with your brother, sister, father, mother, cousin, nephew.
You will be told how much you are alike!
You will come together to my photo studio in Blerick where I will take a portrait of both of you.
These are merged into an image, with a dividing line through the middle.

Another way is also possible. Then your faces are placed left and right in the picture so that you see 1 half of both faces.
The shoot takes about 30 minutes and afterwards we choose the photo together that I will process.
Would you also like to receive the individual portraits? You can! These can be ordered separately.
I also have beautiful photo products on which the photos can be printed. I am happy to advise you on this after the shoot.
This shoot is possible from an age of 2 to 3 years. The person in the photo must be able to sit still and upright, hence 🙂 .
The closer the people in the photo are in terms of age, the more beautiful the result.
Included in the shoot is the composite image. This is a square picture in the case where faces are "against each other" and a rectangular picture in the case where the faces are "on the side."

Are there 3 of you? Then of course this is also possible. You then get a 3-panel.

A nice variation on this photo style is the "Profession 2-panel"
This is a photo of half in private/casual attire and half in your work clothes/uniform.
In doing so, you get a duo portrait in the square.
I will also take a fun side-by-side photo of you in both clothing styles, shoulder to shoulder. You can order this photo afterwards from the webshop (it is not included in the package price).

This is a super nice and fun way to show your "2 sides". Also a nice gift for that one colleague saying goodbye or to portray persons in your team/department.

The costs are €119,95 Based on 2 people for the Family duo portrait and 1 person for the Profession 2-panel.

More info about all the prices you can HERE find ( just scroll down )

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