It has been a little quieter here and on all the other online channels lately.
But behind the scenes the machine was running at full speed.

I look back on a hectic period, in which I decided to change course drastically.
As of 1 January I will be focusing entirely on this company, Rob Weijers Fotografie.
With this decision I will leave a beautiful, exciting and rewarding job behind me after 18 years. I still have plenty of plans and ideas that I would like to work out.

But where one door closes, others open again. Because in addition to focusing on my own business, I can also work for Foto Kino Linders in Venlo's city centre. I am also very excited about this. I could not let this opportunity pass me by! With this I will soon be fully occupied with photography. Both in front of and behind the camera. How beautiful is that?

All of this will bring a number of changes.
First and foremost: More space to serve you, my clients.
Secondly, more dedication to creating an even better product that can differentiate itself from its peers.

In the near future I will use the time to slowly update the website, rearrange things and give the Basic Photography course a facelift.

I'm looking forward to 2020 and to serve you even better.
Stay tuned!

Rob Weijers Photography
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