....dat is my new visiting address as of June 1, 2021.

Dautzenbergstraat 79 in Blerick. Free parking in front of the door, easy to reach by public transport and centrally located. And.....with new, spacious photo studio! After weeks of planning, buying and working everything is ready for use.

A great step to put my company even more on the map, to continue to grow and to be able to make even more beautiful things for my customers. The building that we rent is located in Blerick and is also known as the "Beikes store", so I've been told lately. Beikes Wooninrichting en Advies was located in this building until the early 2000s. After that, it housed a flower shop for a number of years. And after a vacancy of approximately 3 years, we are the new tenants! Super happy and proud with this new step.

But wait a minute. We? Yes, we. You see, I'm not just renting this place with Buro+ interior design and advice. This building offered the opportunity for both of us to take this step. Too big for one company, but perfect for our long-cherished wish to come true. Our own accommodation to expand our services. And now we have 1 entrance, with 2 companies.

Let's go back to the beginning of the year. 2021, the year of complete independence. The little voice that said, "Take the plunge! "won from the uncertainty in this. I took the step and became fully independent. To get from A to B, I decided to stop using our family car as a semi-commercial vehicle and to buy a commercial vehicle. And that at a time when we are dealing with a pandemic and the world is completely turned upside down. Is that smart? Who knows... It did offer the opportunity to think things through, to persevere and to develop further. But it was also a time when order after order was cancelled or postponed. And then Roger came along from Buro+ with the question of whether I wanted to come along and look at a property. It is clear that the building has been empty for a number of years. But if you can look through that, you also see the possibilities. After a few weeks of considering and negotiating we were done: The property was ours! Just because a lot of orders had disappeared like snow in the sun, there was room to start working. Just at the moment we were "making metres".... Corona in my family. Completely shut down for 2 weeks. But because I've been able to give it a lot of gas, it didn't influence my planning that much. The result is a beautiful, spacious studio and a wonderful workplace.

The coming weeks I will use them to warm up the studio and make test shots, maintain my website and give the social media some attention again 🙂 Because that didn't come in the last few weeks. I also recently started working freelance at New School Picture As a school photographer. I am on the road through the southern part of the Netherlands and visit the best schools. The new company bus has been well used 🙂

All in all, I have not been sitting still these past weeks/months and a lot of work has been done behind the scenes. All with the goal to, when I am allowed and able to do more, to pop! From now on I will be more active online and keep you posted on all (new) developments. Promised 🙂

Are you curious, come over for a coffee. Call Please do so in advance as the studio is currently only open by appointment.

Rob Weijers Photography
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