The contacts I make with clients in the course of my work are very beautiful, valuable, heartwarming and in some cases for life.

But I also enjoy building up and maintaining contacts with colleagues and suppliers (of other services). Behind the scenes I put some time and energy into this. Some are visible, others (still) a bit less. But they are all valuable!

On the list of new contacts I may recently Be Time add.

Driving force behind Be Time is Bibi.

I know Bibi through the foundation Make a Wish for which I also photograph. A while ago, Bibi also Basic Photography Course done to me. That's what she says:

One of my hobbies is photography. It was even a profession in which I graduated but still with an analog camera. ?. I always liked photography but never really did anything with it after that. Until I thought; now I'm going to pick it up. However, the basics were hidden under a thick layer of fabric and of course there were a lot of new developments in the meantime. Now that I had taken the step to start I wanted to do it right too. With a good camera and brushing up the basics. But I also didn't want to spend days/weeks on it. I wanted to get started quickly and practically. So your basic course was perfect for me. A little push that I needed to pick up my passion for photography again.

When at the end of last year her dream to set up her own platform took definite shape, I was allowed to take the new profile photos for various expressions.

But Be Time, what is it? Bibi explains:

I give everyone a happy, valuable and positive life and I think a lot of people are still missing opportunities. They get stuck in obstructive and/or negative thoughts. I am convinced that a large part of your happiness is in your own hands. And so you have to take the first step yourself. BE TIME and BE COM are living proof of this. Do something you like. Whether it's work or private. And it all starts with awareness. Where am I now and where do I want to go?

And so the idea was born to start a platform about creating your own happiness. A platform where I offer zzp'ers, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations a platform to present their services, expertise, knowledge or products in the field of personal development (BE PERSONAL), happiness (BE HAPPY), health (BE HEALTHY), and relaxation (BE RELAXED). Where I also help them, with my experience as a communication expert, to put their service or company on the map.

Something fun is about to happen in the near future, which is related to both our disciplines. I won't tell you exactly what that is going to be, it will pass by itself 😉.

In the meantime, have you become curious about Be Time check out the website: and find out what Bibi can do for you or your company.

I'm looking forward to a nice " partnership " with Bibi. Thanks again for letting me come aboard on your new adventure.

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