Children portrait

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Children portrait

How quickly they grow up huh, and how quickly they change in looks.
Wonderful to see but man....If only we could stop time sometimes.

Well, you can...Just about!
Stop by my studio and I'll capture your pride.
Pure, cheerful, mischievous.... Everything is possible. Color or black and white, you name it!
I have different color backgrounds in the studio. Here you can match clothes nicely.
Please let us know in advance what the wishes are, so we can prepare everything nicely.

A shoot lasts approximately 30 minutes 
Costs for the shoot are €69,95
After the shoot, you choose the photos for me to process.

These can be downloaded from the online gallery and cost €14,95 per photo. All prices you can HERE find.

Will I see you soon in my studio? Then we'll make it a party together and stop time for a while.
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