The gunpowder fumes of old and new have been raised. In most living rooms the Christmas tree has made way for the old familiar houseplant again. Next week the kids will go back to school and "normal life" will slowly start up again 🙂

I can look back on a very beautiful and successful 2018. A year in which I again had many beautiful, sweet, funny, nervous and shy people in front of the lens on several occasions. And this year we will continue at full speed! The agenda is slowly but surely getting fuller and more and more people are finding their way to us. Awesome! There are also nice collaborations with various (new) partners on the program.

In 2019 there are some (small) things that are going to change or need to be changed. These can be read below:

  • First, the low VAT rate. This was increased from 6 to 9% on 1 January. This rate applies to all shoots and reports where an album will be delivered. If albums are ordered separately, this now also includes 9% VAT. Because of this all packages including album and single albums are slightly increased in price. Orders that were already confirmed before January 1 go at the old prices.
  • As of 1 January, there is a different order in delivery of our products and services. Where first the invoice followed after delivery of all our services and products, this will be different as of this year. For family shoots and other reports the shoot will take place, we will select and edit the photos, the invoice will be sent and then the link to the online Gallery will be emailed. In the case of wedding shootings a deposit of 25% will be charged at confirmation (as was already the case) but the remaining 75% will have to be paid within 4 weeks before the wedding. This only applies to bookings made after 1 January.
  • Our general terms and conditions and privacy policy are currently being amended to reflect the new terms and regulations. These will be published online on the website as soon as possible.

We enjoy a few more days of the Christmas holidays and then go back to 1000% 🙂.

Rob Weijers Photography
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