First of all, best wishes for 2021. May it be a better year than 2020. I think we are all ready for that.

Still, for me 2020 was a top year! Business but also private.
The year started with the knowledge that on january 18th I would come out as Prince Rob 1 at Boëte de Paort in Venlo. What a great time that was!

The year also started in an exciting way because after a career of 20 years I said goodbye to the fire brigade and started to work in a different field. So I went to work part-time at Foto Kino Linders in Venlo as a sales assistant. It was something completely different but what a great step. I also started focusing more on Rob Weijers Photography.

Then it was March. Well,and then....... I'm not gonna talk about that too much.
Despite that situation, 2020 was my best year business wise. This year again I was able to capture many families and couples during their important moments. I also noticed that this crisis has made people realize the importance of beautiful photos.

2020 is also the year that I won my first (international) award for wedding photography. A month later I won the 2nd one. How cool!

Gradually I noticed that I had plenty of ideas, but simply not enough time to make them happen. On the one hand because I was busy making beautiful reports and growing my business and on the other hand because I also worked part-time at Foto Kino Linders.

At the end of the year when things were quieter because of.....juist.... I came up with the Venlo key ring. A nice little gift for the holidays. POH!!! How quickly these went over the counter. Super nice to see. So nice that I decided to keep selling them. They are still to order: HERE...

Yet something gnawed. A voice that spoke clearly: follow your heart!
This is why I made the choice to start working FULL-TIME with Rob Weijers Fotografie on 1 January.

Let's get to work with my ideas! The coming period I will use it to work behind the scenes on many different things such as maintaining the website, updating social media and much more.

I'm looking forward to it and to 2021. It promises to be an exciting year, but hey: No guts no glory.

See you soon!

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